I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be working with Washington Stage Guild for the first time in their upcoming production of Resolving Hedda. Stay tuned for more details!

Matthew Castleman smolders as old flame Lovborg.
— Nelson Pressley, Washington Post
Nominee: Best Actor in a Small Professional Theatre - ‘Dinner,’ 2018
— Broadwayworld.com
Steve has secrets, and they are slowly revealed; he may not be actively using drugs, but he still has the behaviors of an addict. It’s a bravura performance.
— Mary Ann Johnson, MD Theatre Guide
Matthew Castleman plays Borachio as a seductive rogue, silently guiding Margaret (Bethany Mayo) upstairs and into trouble. Towards the end, though, he makes a subtle change, confessing his crimes out of guilt.
— Charles Green, DC Metro Theatre Arts
Matthew Castleman’s fight scenes are sinewy, chilling and brutal.
— John Geoffrion, DC Theatre Scene
Matt Castleman is riveting as Baal: From the moment he takes the stage, you cannot take your eyes off of him. His work is subtle yet commanding in this complex role and you feel that you understand Baal more thoroughly after watching his performance.
— Faith Aeryn, CityShow Productions
The fight choreographer, Matthew Castleman, deserves special mention for his creative contribution.
— Sophia Howes, DC Metro Theater Arts