Published Works

Books out in the world penned by meself.


Popular Clone

Fisher Bas is a genius son of genius parents in a house full of robots, animated furniture and a talking toaster. Unfortunately, none of that can save him from middle school. But perhaps he can send an impostor in his place. That should work! Well, until the impostor turns out to be cooler and more likeable than Fisher was. And then there's a certain diabolical fiend known as Dr. X... 


Clones vs aliens

Fisher and his clone have saved the day more than once, but on this day, we make first contact. An extraterrestrial craft crash lands, and our heroes become inadvertent ambassadors. The shape-shifting species that humans dub the Gemini are all Fisher and company can handle... and that's before the second alien species arrives, with whom the Gemini are at war...


Cloneward Bound

Fisher's clone has left quiet Palo Alto for the glitz and glamor of Los Angeles, and Fisher has to find him before he walks in front of the wrong camera and reveals the secret of his existence to the world. Luckily, a well-timed field trip gives him the perfect opportunity. Fisher and his pet pig romping through one of the biggest cities on Earth. What could go wrong?


Game of Clones

Fisher and Two have survived the machinations of Dr. X and the blinding lights of LA. Home in Palo Alto, trying to get their lives(their life?) back on track, a new threat emerges: The cold, conniving, conquest-bent clone known only as Three.